This year events are branded with the number 2010 that aligns perfectly with the new Visual Studio 2010 product line.

Do not miss this opportunity to get to know some experienced speakers from different countries, mingle with your local MVPs (Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals) and local Microsoft experts, hear about local development community and have fun with lots of new information!

As you know, there are different parenting methods. Which one will you choose?

Did we get you curious? Go and check out the dates and content of the events.
See you there…

As you know the events are meant for all developers, architects and other IT specialists that would like to learn more about the Microsoft development platform. During the event a holistic overview of the Microsoft technologies, products and approaches will be provided, especially focusing on the Visual Studio 2010 set of products that will be launching in the event’s timeframe!

There are plenty of reasons not to miss this event, especially if you want to learn about:

- Visual Studio 2010 and it’s team collaboration enhancements
- Ways to enhance you application that is running on Windows 7
- The future of Microsoft Cloud Platform including
Windows Azure and Windows Identity Framework to access the cloud
- Interoperability and how to run PHP Applications on Microsoft

- and much, much more …


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