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Omnia or not Omnia... this is the question
got my wireless access point back to life
currently: drinking from the firehose
My corporate e-mail will be i-dragpa AT ms
@maartenballiauw it renders as binary stream inside iframe
@haacked when is expected RC release of ASP.NET MVC?
snow... I wake up at 3 AM to be at work at 9AM... (2 1/2 hrs travel easy became 4 )
First day at new job.
I killed my Ovislink AP-5460 on 12/31 in 8 PM... So, I am internetless since then.:( And I need to write some announcements for my blog ;)
@simonech do you still work for avanade?
My last day at LANACO "Slaves of the Cyberworld"
excellent documentary- "Slaves of Cyber World"... It sounds like horror, but it's true
canćt get used to Serbian keyboard layout. It only lasted for two hous :) Now switched back to English layout
Do you want to see how it looks like? See
Now running Windows 6.1.7000 (with a fish) on my laptop. Thanks to @longzheng
@hhrvoje according to zdnet, it is
finally managed to work through Eric White FP tutorial. (7th lesson out of 34 ) T-5 and counting. Jan 5th is my first day :)


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